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October 29, 2012, in the Prime Minister's Policy Speech to the 181st Session of the Diet

"The situation now confronting us is one of a great many difficult and complex issues of the type that could divides public opinion. Due to the future being too uncertain and our feeling that we are caught in an impasse, we may be inclined to give in to the temptation to rely on straightforward and easily understood solutions. Yet no true solutions lie beyond arguments taken to extremes.

We will untangle complexly intertwined threads one by one, and in order to act with integrity to both the present and the future, we will explain matters at length and discover the path we should follow. We will proceed step by step tenaciously and steadily down the path that we seek out together. The path for fulfilling the responsibility that we bear towards tomorrow can only be worked out after overcoming our differences of opinion and competing interests, on the basis of moderation."

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