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October 29, 2012, in the Prime Minister's Policy Speech to the 181st Session of the Diet

"During the previous Diet session, I pledged to break away from "the politics that can't decide," which continually sidesteps making decisions, and to bring about "politics that makes decisions."

So what, then, is the purpose of "politics that makes decisions"? Now is the time for us to ascertain that launching point.

Tomorrow will without a doubt be better than today. I want to build a society in which it is possible for all Japanese born in this country earnestly striving to survive the "now" immediately before them to believe this. I would like each person to discover "a place where he or she belongs" and "a role to play" within society and live his or her sole lifetime in a robust manner, regardless of age, gender, existence of a disability, or other factors, wherever he or she lives. I want children, our local regions, and working people to restore their vibrancy."

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