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September 11, 2012 in the Prime Minister's Address to the 47th Meeting of the Ministry of Defense and Self-Defense Force Senior Personnel

"You also bear the responsibility of leading your subordinates in the Forces. You are in a position in which you may activate the organization or the Forces and, ultimately, have the very lives of your subordinates under your care. What is required of you leaders more than anything is that you be connected to your subordinates through strong bonds of trust. 'You cannot move people unless you first show them, convince them, let them try, and praise them.' This is a quote attributed to Mr. Isoroku Yamamoto, but in fact his words continue as follows: 'People will not mature unless you watch over them with appreciation and trust them.' Leaders must adopt a resolute approach and set an example worth following regarding things that must be done, and they must act in cooperation with their subordinates in a spirit of appreciation and trust. I would like very much for you to bear these points in mind."

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