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September 11, 2012 in the Prime Minister's Address to the 47th Meeting of the Ministry of Defense and Self-Defense Force Senior Personnel

"I daresay that it is apparent that in the security environment surrounding Japan, unpredictable aspects are currently increasing in an unprecedented manner. The responsibility to be borne by the Self-Defense Forces and the expectations entrusted to them have grown to a degree never seen before. When the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, the words 'beyond all expectations' were spoken here and there. Yet you are the final stronghold in defending the safety of the nation. In national defense, the words 'beyond all expectations' are simply unforgivable. Resolutely carry out the responsibilities you are to fulfill, drawing near to the hearts of the Japanese people and measuring up to those great expectations. I wish you to be such 'guardian spirits' of the nation and to be the embodiment of the pride of the Japanese nation. And, I want you to continue to be the Self-Defense Forces that everyone loves and depends on."

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