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August 6, 2012, Address by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony

"As the only country to have experienced the horror of nuclear devastation in war, Japan bears a noble and grave responsibility to all of humankind and to the future of our planet. That responsibility is to pass on the memories of our tragic experiences to future generations and to see to it that the passion and desire for action to realize "a world without nuclear weapons" spreads around all over the world.

Disarmament and non-proliferation education is of the greatest importance as a social foundation from which to renew and refresh memories. Already a wide range of bodies are engaged in diligent activities, including research and educational institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGO) and the media. Above all, we should always remember that the direct actions of the people of Hiroshima themselves provide a significant driving force. I would like to express my appreciation once again to all of the "Special Communicators for a World without Nuclear Weapons" for their activities of travelling to 49 locations around the world to share the experiences of Hiroshima with people overseas. The Government of Japan will continue to highlight the importance of "a world without nuclear weapons" and will push forward with various kinds of efforts to ensure that memories of Japan's atomic bomb experiences are passed on, both across national borders and across generations."

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Address by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Ceremony, August 6, 2012


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