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July 22, 2012, during Prime Minister Noda's address (delivered at Waseda University)

"My cherished motto is 'soshikantetsu.' I am sure you have heard the nearly identical expression 'shoshikantetsu' - 'Stick to your guns and carry out your original intention' - but my motto is 'soshikantetsu' - 'Stick to a singularity of purpose to carry out your intention.' What does that mean? If, with all your might, you do the things that should be done, always keeping your resolution firm, then no matter what difficulties you meet along the way, the way forward will most certainly open up to you. We can readily cite various reasons for our failures - it's the fault of our current times, or society, or some other person. And yet, the biggest reason we fail is that we ourselves have given up. There is no failing, so long as you do not give up. The important point in success is found in continuing on until you do indeed succeed. I hope to scale one mountain after another with that tenacious and unyielding spirit."


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