Prime Minister NODA's BLOG

July 22, 2012, during Prime Minister Noda's address (delivered at Waseda University)

"At the age of 29 I ran in an election in my own personal style while doing a variety of things. Ever since then, my will has in a sense remained unchanged. What I have always wanted to do is to be a "political reformer." At the age of 29, I thought that aiming to earn a politician's badge in my own personal style was in itself political reform. I had no money. No one was rooting for me. For that reason, morning after morning I repeatedly stood on street corners giving stump speeches. Because doing this in the mornings alone would not be enough, I sometimes had the hard experience of taking mike in hand and continuing to speak for 13 hours in a single day. Since I couldn't buy a loudspeaker vehicle, I walked around speaking into a hand mike I carried. I was able to realize keenly that even a person like me with no background could win an election and come to work in this job, if only I could appeal to voters in an earnest manner. I consider this to be one step in me becoming a 'political reformer.'"


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