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May 15, 2012, Speech by Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda on the occasion of the commemoration ceremony for the 40th anniversary of Okinawa's reversion to Japan

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May 10, 2012, in response to a question from Representative Hiroshi Hase during the Plenary Session of the House of Representatives

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This past weekend, I hosted the Sixth Pacific Islands Leaders Meeting (PALM 6) in the city of Nago in Okinawa. The venue was the Bankoku Shinryokan, the same venue as the G8 Kyushu-Okinawa Summit in 2000. For me personally, this was my third trip to Okinawa since the beginning of 2012. I am very glad that this diplomatic event, a major one for Japan in which the heads of state and government of 13 Pacific nations come together once every three years, concluded successfully.

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April 28, 2012, at the May Day Central Rally

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I turned 55 during my trip to Camp David just outside Washington, DC in the United States where the G8 summit was held.

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April 30, 2012, at the Japan-U.S. Joint Press Conference

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April 23, 2012, on the TBS Television show News 23 Cross

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Over this past weekend and continuing into Monday, I was in Beijing, which hosted the Japan-China-ROK Trilateral Summit Meeting. Without any opportunity to take a good rest upon my return, I visited Okinawa yesterday in order to attend the commemoration ceremony for the 40th anniversary of Okinawa's reversion to Japan.

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April 30, 2012, at the reception hosted by Ms. Hillary Clinton, United States Secretary of State

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April 23, 2012, on the TBS television show News 23 Cross
(In response to a question from a young person in the studio who asked, "Why don't you try to project a 'cooler' image?")

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From the end of April into May, there have been tragic accidents, damages from tornadoes, and so on, one after another. My heart aches each time I am informed of such an event. I have been giving instructions to relevant official to respond through bracing up even for such unanticipated situations.

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April 17, 2012, at Reception to Express Respect to Ms. Sadako Ogata on her Contributions to Japan and the International Community

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I've just returned home after spending a full two days in Washington, DC. There is a 13 hour time difference between Washington and Tokyo, and the return flight was 13 hours long. While there is a substantial distance between these cities in a physical sense, over the course of a little over a year, I feel that the distance between us in spirit has become smaller than ever before.

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April 17, 2012, at the Opening Session of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) Global Summit

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