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March 11, 2012, Press Conference by Prime Minister Yoshiniko Noda

"The issue of the wide-area disposal of debris is one that the Government must take an active role. The noble spirit of the Japanese people in providing assistance to each at the time of the disaster has been praised around the world. I believe that the national character of the Japanese people will now be tested once again, and the wide-area disposal of debris is a symbolic challenge. In addition to the assistance measures for local governments that are willing to accept debris and have already announced their willingness - namely, measurement of radiation volumes at disposal sites, construction of disposal sites and support for increased waste disposal expenses - I would like to proceed with three new measures."

Three New Measures:

  • To make a formal written request to prefectural governments concerning the acceptance of debris from the disaster-affected areas, based on applicable laws, and to stipulate criteria for the acceptance of debris and the method of disposal.
  • To request enhanced cooperation from private sector companies that are able to incinerate debris or reuse it as resource materials, such as cement or paper, for example.
  • To establish a ministerial meeting with ministers concerned this week and to develop a system for debris disposal that will be engaged in by the Government as a whole.

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