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From the February 28 and 29, 2012 radio broadcast of “Information on Policies, Broadcast from the Prime Minister’s Office”

(A comment made after it was explained that the Prime Minister gave the following response 24 years ago during an interview conducted in his first year as a Chiba prefectural assembly member, when he was the sole member of his political party in the assembly: “While I do sometimes find it tiring, I know that surely there are people supporting me. That is what serves to brace me up. I believe that if I keep appealing with great enthusiasm for a higher principle in a stubborn, wet-behind-the-ears way, the road will open up before me.”)

“I really think that I confirmed my “starting point.” Although I have not thought about that in quite some time, I can indeed recall those days. I now have a sense of crisis much more than I did at that time. The kind of sustainable system we should build [for the comprehensive reform of social security and taxation systems] is the number one topic I want the young people of today to join us in thinking about in earnest, and it’s something I feel is very urgent. So, I really think that unless we appeal for that in a determined way and come up with a conclusion at an early time, we’ll end up being too late.”

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