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December 4, 2011, Dialogue on the comprehensive reform of social security and taxation systems

"When the manager of a victorious pro baseball team is lofted into the air in celebration, it's everyone helping to put that one manager aloft.  The foundation of the current social security system was like that, with lots of people providing support through the demographic composition Japan had fifty years ago, when the system of providing universal pensions and universal health insurance started.  But at present, roughly three people of working age support one elderly person, much like the "knights and horses" game in which one teammate rides atop the backs of three fellow players.  And as the momentum of the dwindling birthrate and aging population increases, at some future date we'll have a ratio of one person supporting one other person.  That's now become a piggyback ride.  Carrying someone piggyback, or a whole team tossing someone aloft―there's quite a difference in the way to support someone, isn't there?"

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