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Noda's Blog, October 31, 2011, "'Preparedness and caliber' to create hope"

"After I delivered that policy speech, a message of encouragement arrived from Ms. Ohgoe herself, saying, 'Sowing seeds of hope to make the flowers bloom, you are the Hanasaka Souri!' ('The Prime Minister who makes bare trees bloom'―a playful twist on the name of the traditional Japanese folktale Hanasaka Jiisan, 'The old man who makes bare trees bloom').  I very much hope that we―myself included―demonstrate 'preparedness and caliber' as politicians within the upcoming Diet deliberations and also in the implementation of our proposals, in order to be able to achieve just such an existence."

*In his Policy Speech to the Diet, Prime Minister Noda quoted Ms. Katsura Ohgoe's poem "A crown of flowers" (links to a YouTube video).  Afterwards, a message of encouragement from Ms. Ohgoe to Prime Minister Noda arrived, to which the Prime Minister replied, saying, "I will strive to be the Hanasaka Souri who makes the flowers of the people's hopes come into bloom."

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